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Friday, May 28, 2010

Korman Rant

The other day I walked into the bookstore a little bit disappointed by the selection of books by Gordon Korman. Sure, his new titles Schooled and Pop are on the bookshelf, but where are the books that identify with Korman the most?

I miss Don't Care High, where Korman deals with teenage apathy that is true in every generation. Or how about Losing Joe's Place, where the brass-knuckle wearing female character steals the reader's attention. I understand keeping recent titles on shelves, but even the classic Son of the Mob (if I'm correct, it was nominated for a Young Reader's Choice Award in 2005) loosely based on The Godfather didn't seem to make the cut. Maybe when we're not so caught up with Bella's patient waiting for Edward, we can truly appreciate some literature that evokes laughter by using irony and laying out the reader's wildest daydreams in paper form.


  1. Will have to check out this author!


  2. A Semester in the Life of a Teenage Garbage Bag is one of his best.