"Although globalization has been seen as the defining process of our time, we seem to be uneasy and confused about what kind of world we actually live in."-Carl W. Ernst

Friday, May 7, 2010

Bittersweet Dreams

I had the same dream twice last night.

The first time, I was walking around on a rainy night and the sky was pitch black. I walked into the Whitaker building and everything was dark. The building felt deserted and the lights to both stairwells to Whit 1 and 3 were off. The lights on Whit 2 were shut off too, but I saw a soft glow coming out of my friend's room.

Ah, some life! As it turned out, everyone had left and we were the only ones left. I remember that we were both madly packing, since we both had to leave quickly the next morning. In my dream, I had to leave her room to start my untouched room. We had no time for conversation, as it was getting very late into the night. As I walked into my room, the same as it had been all year, I looked at a bag of Lay's chips (regular) on my counter and munched on it as it was the only means of sustenance I had.

In my next dream, I walked onto the hall in the afternoon and it was bright and sunny. Many had already left, but there was noise and people on the hall. As I walked past the empty rooms rather quickly because I was again in a hurry to pack, I saw that there was actually quite a few girls hanging around. I saw some faces that I never thought I would see again. However, as I was one of the last to leave, I had to say goodbye again to those that were leaving.

As I walked into the bathroom, I saw a friend that I was surprised would be in Caronport.

"What are you doing here?" I asked.

My question brought her to tears, and she hastily tried to explain to me why she was in Caronport. However, in my selfish pleasure, I was so delighted to see her that I did not care if she was upset to be at Briercrest again.

Ending in the same manner as the first dream, I walked into my room and stared at the Lays bag of chips.


  1. Interesting dream Pauline, was I in it at all?

  2. Just letting you know I'm secretly following your blog. I have one too, but I'll leave you to find it =P

  3. Intriguing dream!

    Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comment :)