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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Let's Appreciate!

I love Arcade Fire. Chris Martin from Coldplay supposedly deemed them one of the greatest bands ever. When I listen to their Funeral album, I agree. Neon Bible, however, is a little more dark.

Here's the chorus to "Intervention", one of my favorite songs off their most recent album:

Working for the Church while your family dies.
You take what they give you
And you keep it inside.
Every spark of friendship and love
will die without a home.
Hear the soldier groan, We'll go at it alone.

Maybe those that come from a ministry-centered family can relate. What PK doesn't know that their father or their mother would be busy at the church or on visitations half of the week? Also, it's no secret that the congregation likes burning out their leaders. Of course, the relationships the pastor makes with the church always seem to be severed and broken off once they leave the church and serve elsewhere. As for the last line, everyone knows that leadership is lonely.

This is a bleak secular outlook on leadership in the church. How embarrassing. They saw through our guise of hypocritical love and acceptance. Although I have seen true and Christ-centered like environments where the pastors and ministers are taken care of without haughtiness, weren't we all guilty of taking our leaders for granted?

The songwriter alludes to Jesus in the next verse. Who is going to throw the very first stone? I certainly can't.

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