"Although globalization has been seen as the defining process of our time, we seem to be uneasy and confused about what kind of world we actually live in."-Carl W. Ernst

Monday, March 1, 2010


The other day, I was over at a friend's house watching a movie and my cold developed into a very runny nose. Unfortunately, there was nothing to blow my nose on so I just sat there with a runny nose for two hours.

Today in class, I left without bring my Kleenex box. Luckily, I remembered and had the time to go back to my room for the tissue box. It actually worked out for the best, because I sat with some pretty sick people today and since they didn't bring their own tissues, I was able to share my supply.

The only problem with that is now I'm only down to a box and half, and I have a feeling this box would run out by the end of the week at this rate. Kleenex, anyone?

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