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Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Youngeun!

I had a fun time last night. We (Jenna, Alana, Sarah, Youngeun and myself) decided we wanted to go to Boston Pizza's and randomly dress up for it. It was a hilarious night, and pretty much became a laugh attack after the waitress thought I was Youngeun. Haha. Apparently all asians do look alike.

From wardrobe malfunctions to Sarah laughing at me because I tried to ordered soup, it was a good time. My favorite part was when they brought out the cake and clapped happy birthday, and then Youngeun screamed when she held her cake. I was sitting there just killing myself with laughter. I'm so glad we got it on camera.

PS. Alana laughing is hilarious. I can't believe she almost cried over the hot water incident! Ah so awkward...I hope it to be never repeated!

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