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Monday, March 29, 2010

Embarrassing or Funny?

I did an all nighter for my Proverbs paper. It's really not that good, and I'm sure it'll disappoint.

Anyways, this morning when I saw my prof, he did the usual "how late did you stay up till" thing and so I told him I didn't get any sleep at all. He says "oh, so I assume you'll be sleeping in class today!" I assured him that I was quite alert and that he would have my attention.

Twenty minutes into class and my head is somehow stuck in my bible. I'm trying to take notes on my laptop but I kept drifting out of consciousness so I ended up typing about a friend and how much I missed her because something my prof said triggered the emotion.

Anyways, I was at least out for half an hour before the break and I regained full consciousness. I only got 2 hours of sleep today, because I slept in during chapel. Half an hour of those two hours is the time I slept in class, so good thing I did that or else I'd be wiped right now.

Also, I'm quite sure I have a fear of being ran over by projector carts. People just don't see you around the corner.

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