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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Courses for Next Semester

Normally, this isn't a subject people normally want to hear about, so I would just gush about next semester here.

These are the courses that I am taking (difficulty level: hardest-easiest)

Prophets Book Study
Scripture and Contemporary Theology
Greek Syntax
Introductory Hebrew

The geography class is going to independent study, which means I will be using "normal class time" to concentrate on all my normal classes.

I'm REALLY excited about Prophets book study. And one of my favorite profs. is going to teach theology...haven't been in a theo class for a while! (...especially not with this educator...)

I'm going to be busy next semester! Prophets Book Study is going to be my first 400 level class. This semester I had three 300 level classes and it's tough.

This is a sidenote, but my academic advisor is awesome! He is the nicest person ever. I look forward to seeing him every semester (I meet with him at least once...more if I have a lot of questions). He tells me I'm doing well in my program and that he's glad I'm a student here. I never expect that he'll be so re assuring each time, but it certainly helps since I seem to see him a lot whenever it's paper/exam time (that's when the new courses are posted up).

I know I'm not the only one who feels this way. He makes our days.

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