"Although globalization has been seen as the defining process of our time, we seem to be uneasy and confused about what kind of world we actually live in."-Carl W. Ernst

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Courses for Next Semester

Normally, this isn't a subject people normally want to hear about, so I would just gush about next semester here.

These are the courses that I am taking (difficulty level: hardest-easiest)

Prophets Book Study
Scripture and Contemporary Theology
Greek Syntax
Introductory Hebrew

The geography class is going to independent study, which means I will be using "normal class time" to concentrate on all my normal classes.

I'm REALLY excited about Prophets book study. And one of my favorite profs. is going to teach theology...haven't been in a theo class for a while! (...especially not with this educator...)

I'm going to be busy next semester! Prophets Book Study is going to be my first 400 level class. This semester I had three 300 level classes and it's tough.

This is a sidenote, but my academic advisor is awesome! He is the nicest person ever. I look forward to seeing him every semester (I meet with him at least once...more if I have a lot of questions). He tells me I'm doing well in my program and that he's glad I'm a student here. I never expect that he'll be so re assuring each time, but it certainly helps since I seem to see him a lot whenever it's paper/exam time (that's when the new courses are posted up).

I know I'm not the only one who feels this way. He makes our days.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Embarrassing or Funny?

I did an all nighter for my Proverbs paper. It's really not that good, and I'm sure it'll disappoint.

Anyways, this morning when I saw my prof, he did the usual "how late did you stay up till" thing and so I told him I didn't get any sleep at all. He says "oh, so I assume you'll be sleeping in class today!" I assured him that I was quite alert and that he would have my attention.

Twenty minutes into class and my head is somehow stuck in my bible. I'm trying to take notes on my laptop but I kept drifting out of consciousness so I ended up typing about a friend and how much I missed her because something my prof said triggered the emotion.

Anyways, I was at least out for half an hour before the break and I regained full consciousness. I only got 2 hours of sleep today, because I slept in during chapel. Half an hour of those two hours is the time I slept in class, so good thing I did that or else I'd be wiped right now.

Also, I'm quite sure I have a fear of being ran over by projector carts. People just don't see you around the corner.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Book Dedications

From time to time, I glimpse at what kind of individuals the writers dedicate their books to...These people are mostly individuals that have slaved and helped put in countless hours so that the writer can publish the book. Usually it's about colleagues and the vague "friends, family, and supporters" type of thing. The dedication that Bruce Waltke gives on his commentary on Proverbs 15-31 caught my eye.

"Dedicated to Elaine,
my competent wife,
worthy of praise in the gate."

Ah Prov, 31:31!

How cute :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Miracle Month

In case there are those that are wondering, today went a lot better than I expected. I'm not sure how many brownie points I have, but I certainly have a few left in my pocket. Just enough.

Update: I definitely have a few brownie points in my pocket. Definitely God's grace.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Where did my head go?

I woke up early this morning to finish my paper. I didn't finish it. Instead, I went back to sleep and slept through my morning class AND chapel.

All afternoon I procrastinated. In the evening, I started my research. I did my assignment completely wrong and just found out after 10 tonight.

I've been in a bad mood ALL day and my hair is disgusting. I'm fatigued and unmotivated.


The only small mercy is that the rep board pushed for the library hours to extend. Just in time, too.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Funday Sundays

I had a good weekend. Sam, Robyn and I watched "The Greatest." It's a really sad movie with Carey Mulligan (our new favorite female actress). The premise is how a family is grieving for their lost son and this girl shows up saying that she is pregnant with the dead boy's child. The movie was really intense and honestly got more and more sad as it went on. Alana walked in on us and saw us crying but didn't believe us. It was a total cryfest but a really good movie. (I love Carey Mulligan!)

Today we went to an Alliance church in Moose Jaw to watch our Briercrest college singers. They were really good. I miss being in an Alliance church. Afterwards, we were in downtown Moose Jaw and taking pictures of the general surroundings. Then this homeless man jumped out behind us demanding change. I got kind of scared because a) I didn't see him there and b) he looked intimidating. We walked a little farther down the street and as Alana was setting the timer on her camera, another homeless guy came up to us and mockingly said "You going to pray about Jesus?" or something along those lines. Anyways, we saw him all over town after that.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Ear Flushing

Today I went to the doctor's to get my ears flushed. My ears have been clogged ever since YQ. I'm not sure why, but it's just has been.

Anyways, I'm waiting forever at the walk in clinic (even though I was there before it even opened, but I guess those with appointments have priority) and they finally let me into a room. I waited and waited. Finally, the doctor comes and I tell him my problem. He goes get the flushing instrument (what is that thing called? squigee?) and jokingly says "I'm going to get you wet!"

Needless to say, luck of all luck (and I would say I have the worst luck if I believed in that sort of thing) he gets it all over my shirt and even my pants. At least I wasn't the only one that was embarrassed. I had to walk around the mall for a whole hour with a soaked shirt.

At least I can hear now.

PS. Earwax is disgusting. It's even worse when you see it floating in the water when they flush it out.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


The bookstore was giving out free books today. Our history of Islam prof was nice enough to let us leave the room for "5" minutes to pick up some free books.

Here are some titles that I picked out:

The Art of Personal Evangelism
Confessions of a Beginning Theologian
Honoring the Body
The Poisoned Embrace: A history of sexual pessimism

I don't know what any of these books are about, but the covers were relatively new. Hopefully I'll have the time to prove that they are good reads.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Thanksgiving Chapel

Chapel was a lot of fun today. The topic was on thanksgiving through prayer. We prayed for RA's, faculty members, FA's, etc. For each group, they had to stand up and go into the aisles and people would pray for them. I was so surprised my Whit 2 sisters actually found me, since I was sitting in the back.

My favorite part was when we prayed for our lovely RD, who I'm pretty sure we made tear, but don't quote me on that. After all, my eyes were closed, and I, just as anyone, could very well be having a kleenex in my hand and watery eyes but that only means I sneezed.

We also prayed for the people that run this place, like the chaplain, president and the board. They stood at the front and everyone left the pews to go pray for them. We all crammed at the front. Then we sang together as a corporate body while being squished. It was pretty neat.

I guess I was wrong when I woke up this morning. I think this day could be a good day!

Old Trains Break Down

I was in the library and I sneezed. Good thing I found Kleenex in my pocket.

Speaking of weary, SO much homework! Two assignments due per week from now on. I woke up at 5:30 today just to work on it.

I just hope I won't get sick again. Buckley's were $11 at Superstore, and I was too cheap to buy it.

PS. I love reading Judith! Everyone should read it. What a heroine!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Revelation MOD

Revelation was interesting. Did it blow my mind? No, it didn't.

Why should the message of not assimilating blow my mind? Isn't that what we should have been taught in Sunday school? Isn't that what God has been telling the Israelites generations after generations?

Anyways, the class was challenging in many ways and not what I expected at all. Usually that is a bad thing, but I have come out of it with a better understanding to what living a life of genuine faith can mean. I still don't know who the antichrist was, might be, or what's going to happen in the future. That's not the point of it.

The point is worship. And even if it didn't blow my mind, that point alone has left me with a lot of things to wrestle with.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Youngeun!

I had a fun time last night. We (Jenna, Alana, Sarah, Youngeun and myself) decided we wanted to go to Boston Pizza's and randomly dress up for it. It was a hilarious night, and pretty much became a laugh attack after the waitress thought I was Youngeun. Haha. Apparently all asians do look alike.

From wardrobe malfunctions to Sarah laughing at me because I tried to ordered soup, it was a good time. My favorite part was when they brought out the cake and clapped happy birthday, and then Youngeun screamed when she held her cake. I was sitting there just killing myself with laughter. I'm so glad we got it on camera.

PS. Alana laughing is hilarious. I can't believe she almost cried over the hot water incident! Ah so awkward...I hope it to be never repeated!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Jewish Backgrounds Midterm Mark

I did very well on my Jewish Backgrounds midterm. It went much better than I deserved.

I suppose I labelled it appropriately when I blogged about it last time.

Haircuts During Mod

It's a joy seeing Alana cut everyone's hair on the hall. And then put all our hair together in a box..it's like the hall wig!

I love Whit2. We look SO good!

Monday, March 1, 2010

New Program Launch

Hey everyone, it's that time that I've been waiting for ALL year! There's going to be an information session about the new programs.

In case you don't know what I'm talking about, the ed. team is just switching up a few things in your program. No, you don't have to switch to the new one, but it's useful to see what is offered.

For example, in the revised program, that class you feel you need to graduate with and have been dreading since your freshman year might not be required.

There are two nights at the Hildebrand that the program launch will take place:

Tuesday, March 2, 2010 at 8:05-9:30 pm after the TESOL ethnic dinner


Wednesday, March 3, 2010 at 6:30-8:00 pm

It would be helpful for students to bring their unofficial transcripts.

Also, rumor has it that there will be $20 iTunes gift cards as door prizes for both nights. What incentive!

Quoting from Big Red, the program launch should help answer the following questions:

· Am I in the best program to meet my vocational needs?

· If I am already in the right program, should I stay in the old program or switch to the new version?

· Can I add a minor to my degree?

· Would switching to the new program allow me to use currently unapplied courses I have taken due to a previous program switch or transfer credits?


The other day, I was over at a friend's house watching a movie and my cold developed into a very runny nose. Unfortunately, there was nothing to blow my nose on so I just sat there with a runny nose for two hours.

Today in class, I left without bring my Kleenex box. Luckily, I remembered and had the time to go back to my room for the tissue box. It actually worked out for the best, because I sat with some pretty sick people today and since they didn't bring their own tissues, I was able to share my supply.

The only problem with that is now I'm only down to a box and half, and I have a feeling this box would run out by the end of the week at this rate. Kleenex, anyone?