"Although globalization has been seen as the defining process of our time, we seem to be uneasy and confused about what kind of world we actually live in."-Carl W. Ernst

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Today started off with a pretty good day. Breakfast was better than usual and it had all my favorite elements. The eggs were actually boiled properly this time! And yogurt came in little packages that had waaay more flavor in it.

Unfortunately, YQ must have gave me a digestive problems because I still haven't fully recovered and gone back to my normal eating pattern. I woke up in the middle of the night feeling nauseous and whatnot.

Let's hope this is just a temporary thing.

Jewish backgrounds midterm tomorrow! Eek, I haven't even started studying yet! Am I doomed?!

Edit: Pretty sure I have food poisoning. Don't worry guys, it's not from the caf! I got it somewhere else.

Also, my schedule for the night: memorize handouts and notes, find verse references and mooch off people who actually understand the material and took notes in class

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  1. mmhhmm, These are days when I wish I would go to breakfast...yogurt packages, you say?!?! =)