"Although globalization has been seen as the defining process of our time, we seem to be uneasy and confused about what kind of world we actually live in."-Carl W. Ernst

Friday, February 19, 2010

Goodbye and Hello YQ

My friends from Edmonton were over this week. (That's why the blogging has been slow, since I've been busy hanging out with them and studying for my Greek midterm). I enjoyed the visit and I hope to see them soon!

Just to update you on my daily life, I woke up at 4:30 the other day just to study my Greek midterm (Alyssa was so good to help me get up that day). I've been studying for a week, and I still pretty much nearly bombed it. How depressing! The only good outcome of the midterm is that I had a dream about my textbook. I really enjoy those Koine dreams.

YQ weekend starts today! I cleaned my room and the only thing left on my list of things to do is to blog about it. I have a busy, yet not over committed schedule ahead of me. Maybe this could turn into a really perfect weekend.

On another, completely unrelated note, men's singles in figure skating was interesting! Did anyone watch? Don't you just LOVE how Patrick Chan made it to the top 5? THE TOP FIVE!? Too bad for the Russians though, as their king was dethroned. I was disappointed.

Keep coming back for updates about the weekend! I'm sure I won't be getting a ton of sleep tonight!

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