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Monday, February 8, 2010

Day of Prayer II

Day of Prayer was an amazing experience. It's rare to be in true freedom in worship. Everyone was dancing and there was even a congo line. Communion was actually fun...fun! Very rarely would anyone describe the Eucharist as something enjoyable. A commemorative activity, sure, but not in the way that was done last Tuesday.

However, although I have to admit that it may not have been given the respect it deserved, the fellowship aspect is certainly missing from our monthly communion. Where is the feasting and rejoicing? We certainly miss what Paul had as a first century Christian. Luckily, we got a little taste of that on Day of Prayer.

(However, this approach isn't completely flawless. Where I was standing, communion became a social call, not respectful rejoicing. Although talking isn't a bad thing, no one was talking about the right thing. Maybe next time this happens, we should be reminded that rejoicing is allowed, but flippancy is not.)


The February 2010 issue of Little Red says this:

"Is it possible that day of prayer is merely an excuse to do fun activities for which we have no other opportunity?"

Yes, yes it does. Although there is nothing wrong with dancing in worship, why are we ONLY doing it at day of prayer? Why can't we do this every Sunday or during chapel service? It seems to me that if day of prayer was just that, a day full of prayer, students wouldn't want to come or experience it in the same way.

But, having said that, this Day of Prayer was rewarding in many ways and the joyfulness of it all was a potent reminder to successful Christian living.

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