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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Morning Surprises

The fire alarm went off today while I was in the shower this morning. I was in the middle of my conditioner and I ran out without rinsing or drying myself. The fire alarm, or army airhorn, is still pretty loud and hard to miss, even under running water.

My wonderful roommate was waiting for me, since she knew I was in the shower and made sure I got out okay.

We waited for quite some time before the fire department came. All of Hillson and both men and women Whitaker halls had to evacuate. It was cold, and I wasn't wearing socks.

It was quite the eventful morning. Now that my worst fire alarm fear has come true, I feel like I'm ready for almost anything except an actual fire.

There's much speculation about who set off the fire alarm. Most of the blame does go to our own M.B. To be quite honest, I don't think it is her because her toast wasn't even brown, and this probably isn't the first time she's made toast. Anyways, for selfish reasons, I do hope it was her just to keep the tradition going for Whit2. (Those who know about last year's midnight sparkler incident will understand what I mean.) But, like a true Whit2 girl, everything was handled gracefully and with a barrel of laughs.

What a wonderful morning.

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  1. Haha too bad I wasn't there to witness this excitement! But I was at home. What time did it go off?