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Friday, January 22, 2010

Catholic Priests

If you haven't heard, a Catholic priest from News Brunswick is being sentenced for 18 sex related offences.

My question is how do we, as Evangelicals, come to terms with these types of incidences? I generally have an aversion, or fear to questions posed to us Christians that regard these type of charges against priests, pastors, or any other type of Christian authority figure.

In these situations where the spiritual leaders betray the trust of all those involved in their ministry and act so contrary to Scripture, what does an appropriate attitude and response look like? Or should we just let this be one of those things where we sweep underneath the carpet and pretend it never happened until we're confronted with the issue? Certainly, not thinking or reacting to it would make me feel more comfortable.

This isn't the first time a Catholic priest has pleaded guilty to these charges, and my guess is it wouldn't be the last. These issues become a slap in the face for the unprepared Evangelical and though there are no correct answers, perhaps it is worth thinking about.

If you want to read a news article about this incident, see here:

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  1. What? Thats crazy, 18 offences! How do you manage that? Who has the time to do that, like honesty! I personally don't think that we should hide this under the carpet, it makes us look bad if we pretend it didn't happen, we need to confront the issue. Thanks for letting us know this Pauline!